carstream android auto

carstream android auto

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CarStream (previously YoutubeAuto) for Android Auto APK download and setup. Play Youtube Video on Android Auto using this app. June 2018 : If you own a ROOTED phone, go to the releases section to download v2.0. Apr 2018 : Google has blocked all custom apps on Android Auto, hence ... Download the app-release.apk and install it. Start Android Auto on your phone (the phone is not attached to anything at this time); click on the menu ... CarStream allows you to watch YouTube videos in your Android Auto-enabled car. It, along with every other ... To utilize the full functionality of this application, you must download the Car Stream App and the Android ... Depuis la dernière version d'androiD auto , j'ai accès à CARSTREAM mais je peux faire aucune interaction dedans , il est bloqué.