how to from vlc using the new firefox quantum

how to from vlc using the new firefox quantum

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Exchange messages with programs other than Firefox; Download files and read and modify the browser's download history; Access browser tabs ... Strange though that Quantum does actually play via VLC when I install it, but stops doing so a little while after I set up Firefox Sync on my devices. To operate with this addon you need a native-client patch to connect your browser with native VLC application in your OS. When you first install the addon, ... Beware of phishing attacks: Mozilla will never ask you to call a number or ... files x86, then the change to Quantum, (ran fine, I could use to view mp4 files), ... a new install with change folder 'old firefox', removed prior install of Firefox ... It would be better using a video player like; ... With this brand new release of Mozilla Firefox, powerful new features have been ...