ways to from fanfiction

ways to from fanfiction

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There are several ways that I know of: ficsave lets you choose between Mobi, ePub, or plain text and you can download stories or have them emailed to you, it should work on any device. FanFiction Downloader is an application for Winodws, Mac OSX, and certain Linux distros, 64bit specifically. An open-source online fanfiction downloader. Download fanfics as eBooks from various sources online, for free. FicSave is a website that can convert stories to 3 formats (epub, mobi, and txt). It requires no sign up, captchas, or e-mail address (although it's optional): just paste the url of the story, select the format, and you're done. Besides Fanfiction.net, it also supports 4 other fanfic sites. On the actual website you cannot right now download a story to read offline.